Discontinued Papers

The paper world is a very dynamic, ever-changing industry. Brand new paper stocks are being created constantly, and other products become discontinued regularly. Needless to say, from time to time we end up with more of an item than we need. Whatever the reason may be, these items are available to you at discounted, reduced prices (while supplies last, of course). We also have a wide array of different envelope sizes converted from now discontinued paper products. Be sure to contact our Customer Service Department through our website, phone (760) 752-1515, or via e-mail for our close-out envelopes.

  • ASPIRE PETALLICS (98 LB Cover & 80 LB Text): A metallic-coated paper with soft, pastel-colored metallic embossing.

Copper Ore (80 LB Text)Spring Larch.

  • ASTROCOTE (12 Pt. Cover, C1S): A glossy, metallic-coated sheet on the front side with a white matte surface on the back.

Black, Gold, Silver, White.

  • CLASSIC COLUMNS (120 LB Duplex Cover & 80 LB Cover): A signature linear finish, uniquely structured to always make an impact.

Classic Cream, Easter Chick Yellow, Emperor, Epic Black XL, Indigo, Recycled Bright White, Red Pepper XL, Solar White XL, Windsor Blue, Red Pepper on Solar White, Windsor Blue on Avalanche White.

  • CLASSIC CREST (80 LB Cover & 80 LB Text): A comprehensive line of premium, smooth-finish sheets.


  • CURIOUS MATTER (100 LB Cover): This collection of papers offers perfectly homogeneous and ultra-pigmented matte shades in a waterfall of 7 colors.

Purple Majesty.

  • CURIOUS METALLICS (111 LB Cover & 80 LB Text): A glossy, metallic-coated paper with metallic embossing.

Bloom, Cappuccino, Caramel, Olive, Recycled Gold Leaf, Recycled White Gold.

  • CURIOUS SKIN (141 LB Cover): CURIOUS SKIN features even, matte colors with a smooth, sensual texture. CURIOUS SKIN's matte colors are amazingly homogeneous with outstanding tactile qualities..


  • CURIOUS TOUCH (111 LB Cover & 80 LB Text): Paper with a warm, fuzzy feeling tactile texture and is as remarkable as it feels.

"Soft" Whipped Cream.

  • CURIOUS TRANSLUCENTS (75 LB Cover, 53 LB Cover, 29 LB Text, & 27 LB Text): A translucent sheet that allows light to shine through to the next level to see what lies beneath.

Blueberry Iridescent, Clear, Flexi Clear, Gold Iridescent, Ink Jet Clear, Papaya Iridescent, Plum Iridescent, Shadow, Steel, White Iridescent.

  • CURRENCY (10 Pt. Cover, C1S): A glossy, metallic-coated paper with metallic pyroxylin coating on the front side and matte coating on the back.


  • EAMES FURNITURE WEAVE (80 LB Cover & 80 LB Text): This design-materials papers collection consist of premium papers created usuing extant but esoteric paper technologies.

Eames Natural White, Eames WhiteIndia Pink, Kaleidoscope Purple, Pacific Blue, Tivoli Green.

  • EAMES PAINTING CANVAS (65 LB Cover & 85 LB Text): The Painting Canvas collection's rich painterly textures also includes our coated Primed Canvas, a surface which feels like a painter's gessoed canvas, providing both a unique degree of ink holdout and sense of touch to any print communication.

Primed Canvas.

  • ENVIRONMENT (80 LB Cover, 80 LB Text, & 70 LB Text): An uncoated paper that is both economical and environmentally safe. 

Almond, Aspen, Cottonwood, Green TeaWillow.

  • ESSE TEXTURE (80 LB Cover, & 80 LB Text): A nice felt-like sheet, ESSE papers' patented watermarked-surface and renewed color palette blends precision with craft.

Arancio, Rosa, Sapphire, Spruce.

  • EXACT BRIGHTS (60 LB Text): Bright, pastel-colored, matte papers available in a cover and text weight sheet.

Bright Aqua, Bright Tangerine.

  • FOIL 10 PT. COVER (10 Pt. Cover, C1S): A metallic-coated paper with coating on the front side and matte coating on the back.

Satin Gold.

  • MALMERO PERLÉ (92 LB Cover & 81 LB Text): A jazzy, eye-catching composition of a pearlized, sparkle infusion set against a vibrant palette of colors.

Abysse, Blanc, Emeraude, Mangue, Noir, Orange, Vermillion.

Nugget Gold, Sterling Silver.

  • MOHAWK LOOP ANTIQUE VELLUM (110 LB Cover, 80 LB Cover, 80 LB Text, & 70 LB Text)Mohawk Loop is a complete collection of extremely high PCW recycled papers to support sustainable design. With a range of print surfaces and fashionable palette of whites, pastels, jewel-tones, and earthy-fibered shades, Loop Antique Vellum is a perfect choice for your job.

BlackCocoCypressIrisMangoThai Gold.

  • PLIKE (122 LB Cover & 95 LB Text): A uniquely coated sheet that is artistically innovative with its smooth, plastic-like tactile texture.


  • ROYAL COMPLEMENTS (100 LB Cover): A collection of rich, sturdy matte-papers with a nice vellum texture designed to complement your favorite papers.

Citron, Haute Red, Midnight Blue, Tuscan Sun.

  • STARDREAM (105 LB Cover & 81 LB Text): A glossy, metallic-coated paper with iridescent, & pearlescent "astral" shades.

Amber, Dolomite, Malachite, Sage, Serpentine.

  • STELLAR 12 PT. COVER (12 Pt. Cover, C1S): A highly gloss-coated sheet on the front side with a white matte surface on the back.

BlackCream PearlForest GreenIvoryMaroonNavyOyster Pearl, Polar BlueRed.

  • STELLAR MARBLE 12 PT. COVER (12 Pt. Cover, C1S): A highly gloss-coated sheet with a marble pattern on the front side and a white matte surface on the back.

Charcoal, Dark BlueDark GreenDark Red.

  • TETON FELT (80 LB Cover): An elegant sheet with a nice felt-finish that provides the unique look and feel of fine handmade paper.