Manufacturer: Neenah Paper
Collection: Crane's Lettra
Color: Ivory
Texture: Letterpress

220 Double Thick Cover
26 × 20 in. GS
42 Pt. Caliper


110 Cover
26 × 40 in. GL & 20 × 26 in. GL
21 Pt. Caliper


90 Cover
26 × 40 in. GL
17.5 Pt. Caliper


32 Writing
25 × 38 in. GL
8 Pt. Caliper


See CRANE'S LETTRA Ecru White Digital for the available digital stock weights.




Envelope Sizes Available:


Straight, Square Flap Envelopes (Basis Weight: 32 Writing): A-1 (4-Bar), A-2, A-6, A-7, & A-9 Announcement Envelopes and 5½"×5½" Square Baronial Envelopes & 7"×7" Square Marquis Envelopes.


Crane's Lettra is compatible with most printing application procedures including, but not limited to: thermography, lithography, digital, silkscreen printing, offset printing, letterpress, embossing, laminating, foil stamping, engraving, die or laser cutting, and folding and or scoring. Laser, ink jet, and digital compatibilities are subject to individual printer model specifications. Pre-testing and sampling are recommended before attempting any of the aforementioned printing application procedures.



Color Disclaimer:

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