Manufacturer: Gruppo Cordenons
Collection: Astrosilver
Color: Silver
Texture: Metallic , Embossed

81 Cover, C1S
27.9 × 39.75 in. GL
11 Pt. Caliper

*Embossed pattern on front side, Matte coating on back side




Gruppo Cordenons guarantees the high quality performance of Astrosilver for laser and ink jet printers, provided the proper test runs have been made.


Astrosilver is also compatible with most printing application procedures including, but not limited to: lithography, digital, silkscreen printing, offset printing, letterpress, embossing, laminating, foil stamping, engraving, die or laser cutting, and folding and or scoring.


Pre-testing and sampling are strongly recommended before attempting any of the aforementioned printing application procedures.


Note: Digital compatibilities for cover weight papers are subject to individual printer model specifications.