50% Off - ASTRO METALLICS Palm Tree Green & Tropical Pink Products!

On Sale! We are now offering 50% off of our list pricing for all of our ASTRO METALLICS Palm Tree Green and ASTRO METALLICS Tropical Pink products! Offer is only valid while supplies last so contact our Customer Service Department for pricing and information on which products are still available, via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone #(800)752-5003.




ASTRO METALLICS Palm Tree Green            ASTRO METALLICS Tropical Pink



Product Specifications:


105 Cover                                                          111 Cover
28.375 × 40.125 in. GL                                     26 × 40 in. GL
12.5 Pt. Caliper                                                  13.5 Pt. Caliper


81 Text                                                              80 Text
28.375 × 40.125 in. GL                                     26 × 40 in. GL
6 Pt. Caliper                                                       6 Pt. Caliper



Envelope Sizes Available:


See ASTRO METALLICS Palm Tree Green and/or ASTRO METALLICS Tropical Pink for the envelopes that are available for each respective color.





The Astro Metallics collection performs well in the text weight for laser and ink jet printers, provided the proper test runs have been made. Laser, ink jet, and digital compatibilities are subject to individual printer model specifications.


Astro Metallics is also compatible with most printing application procedures including, but not limited to: thermography, lithography, digital, silkscreen printing, offset printing, letterpress, embossing, laminating, foil stamping, engraving, die or laser cutting, and folding and or scoring. Pre-testing and sampling are recommended before attempting any of the aforementioned printing application procedures.